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Danbury 2023 blog

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Wednesday 15th November 2023 

We are off to a flying start on our year 5 residential trip to Danbury. After being dropped off to begin their adventure, the children rushed to their cabins to set up their activities. The most important decision to be made was of course ‘top or bottom bunk?’ Once everyone had set up, team names were decided and lunch was eaten, we separated into our day groups to start our first activity.  

Miss P’s group started with archery and gave it a great shot.  Mrs Sanderson’s group made their way up high with aerial trekking and archery. Mrs Sanderson was impressed with all their skills and is excited for the activities tomorrow. Miss Anderson’s group tackled the obstacle course and the aerial trekking and made Miss Anderson incredibly proud. Everybody tried the aerial tracking and even got Miss Anderson around the course a few times. Mrs Whipp’s groups tackled their way through the obstacle course and the vertical challenge. The vertical challenge proved a winner with the group and earned Mrs Hebden’s group took on the zipwire and the climbing wall. Everybody enjoyed their activities and gave everything a really good go. Mrs Tyrell’s group took part in the vertical climbing and bushcraft, where the children enjoyed some hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows.  

After the activities ended for the day, we all headed back to our cabins for quiet time. Some children did colouring, some relaxed on their bunks, some read their books and some…sang as loud as they could and enjoyed maybe mere seconds of ‘quiet time’. But oh are we having fun!  

All of the groups reunited back at the dining hall for a wonderful midweek roast! This was finished off with some chocolate cake, that Mrs Hebden thoroughly enjoyed.  

We finished the day with a quiz and a dance, before returning to our cabins to start winding down for the night. We are all excited for another day of fun tomorrow. Please have a chat with the weather for us, we will be getting our waterproofs out tomorrow.  


Quotes of the day: 

“I’m going to ask if I can stay here every day.” 

“Wow! We're allowed to put the heating on here!” 

“I would’ve eaten my vegetables but I am just too full.”  

A favourite from our spectacular quiz designed by Miss P tonight.  

Miss P “Which city did the Beatles originate from?” – “I know this one, it’s definitely Colchester!”

 Thursday 16th November 2023

We were up bright and early for day 2. As the children slowly stirred in the morning, they began to get ready for the day and, most importantly, for breakfast! On the menu this morning were cereal, toast, and fruit, but the most popular option was, of course, a fry-up! Mrs. Whipps was rather pleased with this as well.

After fueling for the day, we joined up with our day groups for another day packed with fun activities.

Miss Anderson and Mrs. Bean’s group overcame lots of fears today, and everyone found it brave to take part in the zip wire challenge. They ended their activities by sitting around the campfire, drinking hot chocolate, and roasting marshmallows. Mrs. Sanderson’s group learned to start a fire, enjoyed hot chocolate, worked as a team to get through the obstacle course, and flew up the vertical challenges. Mrs. Whipps group all showed great bravery by doing the zip wire and high ropes. Everyone went up and stood on the platform, even if they didn't complete the task, which was a huge feat in itself. We shot arrows, some of us hitting the bullseye, and our climbing stars from yesterday showed us again their newly found skills. Some of Mrs. Hebden’s group were tentative yesterday at the higher activities, but today they have grown in confidence and smashed the vertical challenge. Several reached the top, and all went higher each time they tried. We have also had broccoli chosen as a topping during our pizza archery game. No one likes to see that! Mrs. Tyrrell said that her group was so supportive of each other, especially when any children were feeling a little bit nervous. They had all championed for each other and encouraged everyone to take part. The children are Miss P’s group, and Miss P herself barely touched the ground today. They spent the day flying in different challenges, with aerial trekking and vertical challenges being the favourites. Miss P set the standard for getting to the top of the vertical challenge five times!

After our activities, we all tucked in to a delicious dinner of pasta and garlic bread. and we mustn’t forget the donuts.

Then, the children all took part in the scariest and most strenuous challenge that they had yet to face. The showers!!! 

Through resilience and a lot of patience, the task was completed. Now it was time for our pyjama party. The children rocked up in oodies and slippers, and some poor children were forced to turn up in West Ham pyjamas (sorry, Mr. Moore).

The children played some escape room activities to earn their freedom and ate some hot chocolate. Unfortunately, adults, they were successful, so we will be returning them to you tomorrow. After all that excitement, we were all more than ready for bed. Time has flown by, and lots of fun has been had. One more activity to go in the morning before it’s a wrap on Danbury 2023.

We are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!


Quotes of the day: 

“I wash my whole body with shampoo. Wow, there’s a life hack!”

“I’m very proud of my cheese."

“Shall I use my eye cooling pads tonight? My eyes are feeling puffy."

“I’d like to go home now.” ~ Mrs. Whipps



 Friday 17th November 2023

The final morning in Danbury has arrived! After varying amounts of sleep, we refuelled with a lovely bacon butty. We were surprised that the fruit bowl did decrease by one or two oranges, although not as much as the tray of pain au chocolat. 


For the final time, we separated into our day groups to complete our final challenges. We are so incredibly proud of all the children. These challenges are not for the faint hearted and there has been lots of times they have had to find their brave and try their best. Each child has overcome something whether that be getting to the top of the climbing wall, taking that first step off the platform on the zip wire or spending their first night away from home. 


We all gathered on the hill outside our cabins for a final group photo! The sun was shining and all of our smiles show what a brilliant time we have had. 


Now all that’s left is one final hearty meal of jacket potato and yes… a choice of filling!! Then it’s time, I’m afraid , for us to return them back to you. We have a had a wonderful time here at Danbury, where lots of lasting memories are sure to have been made. 


Until next time…


The children were asked to pick 3 words to describe their time in Danbury. This was a few of the responses: 






Feeling free 


Hard work 



The most fun 

Best time ever!!!


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