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Hadleigh Junior School

South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)

Year 5 Computing

5.1 Using Technology

Identifying a good source of information 2023.docx



website extracts.pptx

Save the Tree Octopus

Save the Orangutan

Year 5 fact file about Space.docx

Typing speed check


Input, Process, Outputs lesson

IPO diagrams 2023.pptx

IPO Quizizz - 8 questions

5.2 Communicate and Collaborate

Padlet - Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying Quiz for Class 12


Cyberbullying - advice for children

BBC OwnIt!

The Grinch coding

5.3 Programming and Control

Angry Birds worksheet.docx

Angry Birds and friends maze game

Scratch website


My interactive game checklist.docx

5.4 Digital Media

Google's Quick, Draw! Artificial Intelligence

Photo editing within Microsoft Office Year 5.pptxswiggle.org.uk


Dragon Animation Mixed Order.zip

Video clips from PixaBay

Castle dragon video clip

Dragon landing video clip

Dragon lair video clip

Dragon egg video clip


Audio Files.zip

Music Tracks.zip

Music clips from PixaBay








5.5 Collecting and Using Data

Spreadsheet formula and functions 2024

Formula Extension

Warm Up - lesson 1 recap

Summer BBQ Party

Olympic Medals

Quizizz End of Lesson Quiz - Class 12

Desert Oasis encryption game

5.6 Modelling

Sketchup Quizizz for Class 7


Creating an L-shaped house in SketchUp


2024 Pupil Voice for computing

Click here

Computational Thinking

Class 7 Bebras

Class 10 Bebras

Class 12 Bebras


If the Bebras website is down, please open these 48 question cards and complete as many as you can in 40 minutes. Record your answers on a printed version of the answer sheet below. 

UK Bebras cards

Print this for your answers




Google maps and street view

Google Earth

Natural History Museum virtual tours

If you need to find out how to play the Natural Disaster simulator, please view the video on the Year 4 computing page.

Prevent natural disasters simulator

Flight control simulator

Run a supermarket simulator

Rollercoaster design


Encryption - then choose keyword cipher

Google - Be Internet Legends

Enterprise lesson

Smart Homes - inventing technology of the future - UKS2.pptx

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