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Hadleigh Junior School

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Year 6 Computing

Class 15 Online Safety

ProjectEvolve knowledge mapper


6.1 Using Technology

Copyright worksheet 2023.docx

Copyright worksheet 2023 - supported.docx

Year 6 fact file about WW2.docx

Example Factfile.docx

What is Copyright?

Pixabay - Free images




Inputs, Processes and Outputs lesson

IPO challenges.pptx

IPO Quizizz - 10 questions

 TechSheCan animated lessons


Typing speed check

6.2 Communication and Collaboration

Quizizz - HTML lesson 1

 Quizizz - HTML Lesson 2


HTML webpage lesson 1 2023 PRINT.docx

HTML webpage lesson 2 PRINT.docx

HTML colours

Changing the font with HTML

Learn more HTML with W3Schools

Adding forms using HTML




My example of a phishing email.pptx

Permissions on apps.pptx

Google's Be Internet Legends - Reality River

The Grinch - Hour of Code

Google's - Be Internet Legends - KIND


6.3 Programming and Control

MicroBit code editor

Step-by-step compass support

MicroBit thermometer activity

MicroBit compass and temperature sensor worksheet

Extra extensions of MicroBit project

MicroBit worksheet lesson 1

Quizizz for MicroBit lesson


Planning a ChatBot program in Scratch.docx


Scratch Quizizz


6.4 Digital Media




Soundtracks from PixaBay









Sal's Shoes - charity website


Photo editing within Microsoft Office Year 6 2024.pptx

Google's Quick, Draw! Artificial Intelligence


Non - residential group

Pixlr website for photo editing

Advanced background removal

Photo editing website example



6.5 Collecting and Using Data

Warm up for Year 6

Vending Machine

Olympic Medals

Quizizz - Class 15 - Spreadsheets Lesson

Multiple Choice Quiz.xlsx

6.5 Binary numbers 

Binary numbers self marking

Binary Game

Binary Quizizz for Class 14

6.6 Modelling


 Scratch Fidget Toy Demo


Hour of Code

Hour of Code - Mario

Hour of Code - Monkey

Scratch - use the tutorials for Pong Game or Video Sensing

Computational Thinking

Class 13 Bebras

Class 14 Bebras

Class 15 Bebras


If the Bebras website is down, please open these 48 question cards and complete as many as you can in 40 minutes. Record your answers on a printed version of the answer sheet below. 

UK Bebras cards

Print this for your answers





Google Maps

Google Earth

If you need to find out how to play the Natural Disaster simulator, please view the video on the Year 4 computing page.

Stop natural disasters simulator

A.I for oceans simulator

Virus outbreak simulator




Bebras - age 10-12

Bebras - age 12-14

Bebras programming (Robot Maze Game)

Bebras programming (House Drawing Game)

What is Computational Thinking?

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