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Hadleigh Junior School

South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)

The School Parliament

At Hadleigh we have are proud to have pupil representatives that take part in Class and School Parliament meetings. This parliament is in place so that pupils have a voice and are involved in decisions about the school that affect them. Through class discussions all pupils have the opportunity to raise issues, share ideas and take part in discussions that involve all of their classmates in reaching a democratic solution. Wider issues that arise within class discussions are then discussed further at School Council, this ensures that as many pupil voices as possible are heard. Pupils at Hadleigh know that this is their school and their thoughts and ideas matter.

School Parliament minutes 2023-24

Autumn Term

Meeting 1

· Introductions and what we would like to achieve with SP – importance of being able to balance everything and achieve a good outcome

· Started Amazon wish list.

· Members to ask classes for fundraising ideas and suggestions for charities to support.


Meeting 2

· Welcome to Y6 members

· Continued Amazon wish list.

· Notebooks and School Parliament pencils handed out.

· Prepared questions for Rebecca Harris’ visit.

· Roles to apply for given to Years 5 and 6


Meeting 3

· Q&A session with Rebecca Harris.

· Badges presented in assembly.


Meeting 4

· Children in Need theme voted for

· Children in Need lesson ideas collated to share with class teachers


Meeting 5

· Quiz questions prepared for Children in Need Quiz

· Photos taken for HJS round in quiz.

· Year 5 and 6 voted into roles.

Congratulations to:

Saffron = Chair

Ava = Vice Chair

Mitchell = Treasurer

Florence = Secretary

Dexter = Photographer/website manager

Mock election: Headteacher for the day

It's been a busy week at HJS with our mock election week with six Year 6 candidates running to be Headteacher for the day. It started on Monday with Lewis, Emily, Dolcie, Erin, Finley and Charlie delivering their speeches in assembly. This was followed by canvassing for votes on the playground and designing some of the most creative and eye-catching posters we've ever had. On Thursday, everyone in the school had the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidate at our polling station. This ran smoothly due to the well prepared and organised Year 5 School Parliament members. 

Huge congratulations to Dolcie who will have the opportunity to put her policies into action when she is Headteacher for the day. Our joint runners up were Emily and Charlie who will help Dolcie in their role as Deputy Headteachers. 


School Parliament

We have had fortnightly meetings this half term. We have introduced ourselves to each other, said why we wanted to become a member and things we would like to achieve this year. We have launched Ava’s Act of Kindness and will be passing on the completed teddy pictures to Morrisons during half term. We have also put together a schedule of fundraising events for over the year and charities which we would like to support.  

After half term, we will be preparing for our stall at the PA Fireworks event. Year 5 and 6 members will be running for the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary and will be voted for by the rest of the School Parliament members. They will then be responsible for running and taking the minutes at our meetings plus deciding on the agenda for future meetings with the continued support of Mrs Taker and Miss Emery.  

If you have any ideas or suggestions to help improve our school, please put your idea in the box on the School parliament display board or see your class parliament rep who will bring your suggestions to the next Parliament meeting.   

Year 6 UK Parliament Workshop

On Wednesday Year 6 took part in a remote workshop run by the UK Parliament. The children learnt about the UK’s democratic processes. Please ask your child what they discovered.

Thank you to Mrs Taker for organising this experience.


Council Offices visit Autumn 2019

On Thursday 14th November 2019 the School Parliament were given the special honour of a tour of the Council Offices by Mayor Riley himself. We got to sit in the Council chamber and use their special microphones to ask him questions about his duties and his interests. He told us that his chain is very heavy and uncomfortable! We saw the Mayor’s Parlour and the council Bunker which was used during WW2 and is still set up ready to use in case of a disaster. We had a brilliant morning and have picked up lots of tips from the Mayor and his Deputy which will help us in our Parliament role at school this year.


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