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Hadleigh Junior School

South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)

Year 4 Computing


 Digital Schoolhouse Workshop


Kandinksky examples



4.1 Using Technology



Searching effectively 2023.docx

Searching effectively - supported.docx

Year 4 fact file about the Romans.docx

BBC guide to life as a Roman child

BBC guides to the Romans

How a search engine works

Dance Mat Typing

Typing speed check

Typing Game



Input and Output devices lesson

Input and Output devices - 2023.pptx

4.2 Communication and Collaboration

Padlet - communicate and collaborate

Anti-Bullying Week 2023 emailing.pptx

Anti-Bullying Week 2023 – emailing supported.pptx

SMART rules

THINK rules

Quiz - what would you do?

Google's - Be Internet Legends - KIND

Google's - Be Internet Legends - SHARP

BBC KS2 Romans

BBC Romans for TH

4.3 Programming and Control


Flappy Bird game on Hour of Code

Scratch website

Shape creation on Hour of Code

Creating precise shapes worksheet.docx

4.4 Digital Media

Google's Quick, Draw! Artificial Intelligence





 Video clips from PixaBay





Music from PixaBay




Lifecycle example video.zip




Pixlr - for the computing workshop

4.5 Collecting and Using Data

Branching Database creation

Branching Database Mini-Assessment

Artificial Intelligence and categorising data

Personal Data

Pet Choices

Spreadsheet Basics for Year 4

Guess Who

Animal Data Sort Year 4

ICUN Red List

End of lesson Quizizz

Computational Thinking

Class 4 Bebras

Class 5 Bebras

Class 6 Bebras


If the Bebras website is down, please open these 48 question cards and complete as many as you can in 40 minutes. Record your answers on a printed version of the answer sheet below. 

UK Bebras cards

Print this for your answers


4.6 Model and Simulate



Preventing natural disasters simulator

Google Maps

Google Earth

Run a supermarket simulator

Flight control simulator

Design a rollercoaster simulator

Enterprise Week

Smart Homes - inventing technology of the future - LKS2.pptx

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