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Hadleigh Junior School

South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)


At Hadleigh Junior School we want to encourage everyone to get involved in music. Research continues to show the huge benefits that singing, playing and listening to music have on children’s mental health and well-being. We want to inspire our young people to make music a part of their lives. This may be learning an instrument, singing in a choir or purely the enjoyment of listening to music. This year we are proud to have been nominated again as a Music Mark School in recognition of a commitment to providing a high-quality music education for all children and young people.


There are many extra opportunities for children to enjoy music outside of lesson times at Hadleigh Junior School. Members of our choirs and orchestra enjoy performing in assemblies and concerts at the school and in the wider community at venues such as the Cliffs Pavilion (SEESMA Music Festival) the Palace Theatre (BATIC’s Got Talent), Wembley Arena (Voice in a Million), the London 02 (Young Voices) and local churches. Opportunities include choirs, orchestra, and instrumental lessons. Please speak to Mrs Hutton on Wednesdays or Thursdays or leave a message at the school office if you have any enquiries.



Wednesdays at 12.10 for all Year 3 and 4 pupils

Thursdays at 12.10 for all Year 5 and 6 pupils

We rehearse a variety of songs, traditional and modern including children's favourites like songs from the Disney movies. We perform at local concerts regularly throughout the year.

No audition is required. Pupils only need to commit to attending weekly rehearsals and learning their words for concerts.




Meets on Thursdays at 3.20 until 4.15.

Children who are learning an orchestral instrument (flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin etc.) at school or home are invited to attend orchestra. We usually perform at least once a term in public and in music assemblies.

Other orchestra members play glockenspiels, xylophones and some percussion provided by the school. Pupils need to be able to read basic musical notation and will have a very short informal audition in order to be invited to join, as numbers for these instruments are limited.


Please apply to Mrs Hutton via the school office if you would like your child to be considered for a place in the orchestra.



We pride ourselves on being able to give pupils the chance to learn a musical instrument with a specialist music tutor at Hadleigh Junior School. We have a team of visiting tutors who teach drum kit, piano, woodwind (flute clarinet) and guitars (electric, bass and acoustic). Lessons usually take place during the school day and last about 15 minutes and may be individual or small group. Lesson costs and times vary. Parents pay for lessons but there may be reductions available for families in receipt of certain benefits. Please contact the school office for all enquiries regarding costs and arrangements for instrumental lessons at Hadleigh Junior School. You can also look on the Music for Schools Website www.msfs.org.uk for more information about woodwind, brass and keyboard lessons.


Music Lessons for All

We have a dedicated space for music learning which is equipped with keyboards, ukuleles, guitars, pitched percussion (such as xylophones and glockenspiels) a full-size drum kit and a vast array of other percussion instruments. We make good use of these in our lessons in which pupils get the opportunity to perform and compose using all of these.


Pupils in all years learn music with our specialist teacher. Lessons are often linked to the topics that pupils are learning about such as Romans, Greeks, Vikings etc. and contribute to other topics for example in Year 6 while studying World War II pupils learn about swing music. Our focus is on learning through doing and pupils are actively engaged in performing, singing, composing and listening in their music lessons. Weekly singing assembly is a great opportunity for each year group to get together and learn new songs and we often have performances by our pupils showing what they have learnt in their music lessons.



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