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Hadleigh Junior School

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A visit from past pupils

As you saw in last week's newsletter, some past HJS pupils visited our school. Below is an email sent in by one of these special visitors:

Hi Mrs Barney,

Thank you so much for everything you organised for us last week. You have no idea how much myself and my old friends appreciated that last minute tour and especially to be able to look through the memorabilia. We were all very impressed with the calmness and the behaviour of the school and pupils. The pupils who came in for questions and answers were incredibly polite , helpful and even enthusiastic! Please say Thank you to all of them, and to the staff whose classes were distracted as we peeped in the classrooms!

It was fascinating for my friends  to see the changes since we attended Hadleigh school  60 years ago. It brought back so many happy memories of our childhood together and the bond that we have had since the age of 7. A happy school , as it always was.

Well done to you all . You should be proud to be part of Hadleigh juniors. 

Thank you again, 

Beverley Meacham. 

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