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If you wish to discover more about our curriculum please contact Mrs Hebden via the School Office.

Our Curriculum

At Hadleigh Junior School, we teach a creative curriculum that is driven by our local area, a mastery approach and the principles of ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’. It is underpinned by the ethos of the Growth Mindset* and meets the requirements of the National Curriculum, as well as the needs and interests of our pupils. Our curriculum is purposeful, engaging and flexible and provides rich learning experiences, including challenge and choice through cross-curricular projects and activities.

We take a flexible approach to the timetable, enabling children to learn in different ways and at different times. We also provide opportunities for children to guide and lead their own learning, with the aim of making them independent and resilient learners.

Each week our pupils participate in five maths lessons where they learn the key objectives linked to their year group. We aim for most children to achieve mastery of the objectives in their year group by teaching them the skills and then providing opportunities to use and apply their learning in different contexts (this may include investigations, reasoning and problem solving). Practical, hands on equipment is used to support the children in understanding key concepts. Additional short ‘Maths Meet’ sessions allow the children to practise basic maths skills in a practical and interactive way. Opportunities are also given to apply maths skills in other subjects outside of maths lessons.

English is delivered in two ways. Sometimes skills are taught in English only lessons and sometimes alongside science and the foundation subjects of geography, history, computing, art, PSHE and DT. In this way, English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are learned and applied across all subjects giving lessons purpose and relevance, and making them truly cross-curricular. There are many opportunities for the learning and practising of reading through individual reading, guided reading, reciprocal reading and comprehension sessions involving a wide variety of genres and text formats in all subjects. Key grammar and spelling skills are learned in separate lessons, twice a week. As with Maths, we aim for most children to achieve mastery level of the objectives relating to their particular year group.

Music is delivered by a specialist music teacher who links lessons with the topics in each year group. We are very proud of our school orchestra and choir who give a variety of performances throughout the year.

Pupils participate in French lessons. Through a range of games, videos, songs and computer programmes the pupils learn key vocabulary and language structures to develop their French speaking and begin to write sentences and paragraphs, as well as learn about the geography and culture of France.

RE is delivered weekly and follows the Essex Agreed Syllabus.

Computing objectives and skills are also taught weekly using our well-equipped computing suite.

SRE (sex and relationship education) is delivered in accordance with the CMAT policy which can be found in the policy section of the website.

Pupils participate in two lessons of PE each week and learn skills in gymnastics, dance, swimming, athletics and a variety of team and ball games. Specialist teachers are invited to deliver some of these lessons throughout the year.

For homework, pupils are expected to practise times tables and reading as well as learning or investigating spelling rules and patterns. They are also given a piece of Maths and English homework each week. Holiday homework projects are also set during the year which link to the topics in each year group.

Our teachers chose a range of fantastic topics which may be linked to a class book, to a particular key objective or a key event. As a result these change appropriately from year to year.

Linked to our key curriculum driver of the local area and ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’, a variety of trips and visitors to school are organised to enhance and link the learning that takes place in school.

During the year we hold several special themed weeks. These have included History Week, Enterprise Week, Multicultural Week and Wellbeing Week. This is not a finite list and we are always looking for exciting themes to further boost our curriculum.


Mrs Hebden

Deputy Headteacher

Curriculum Leader



* (see Growth Mindset page of website for further information)