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Year 5 Belchamps Residential trip

Belchamps Scout Activity Centre is owned by the Scout Association and was established in 1936. Since then, with a lot of hard work and dedication, it has developed into the centre it is today. All our staff have or have had some involvement in Scouting which means we understand what the young people of today really want. With over 50 bookable activities there is plenty to do here at Belchamps; there's also lots of external offsite activities which we are happy to arrange and book for you. Our priority is always the participants and the time that they spend here.

Day One Blog



We’ve all had a brilliant first day at Belchamps. We settled in quickly and found our rooms before being given a tour of the site. Before we knew it, we’d already finished our first activity and were having lunch! It was delicious!


The afternoon was very exciting with two more brilliant activities followed by an amazing roast dinner.


We’ve all had a lot of food already!


Tonight we’re off on a night hike around the site in the dark. We’re very excited to use our torches!



Liam- it’s hard but I tried my best and hit the target in the end!

Ruby S - I missed a lot but hit a lot!

Jessie - I hit the bullseye!


Bridge Building

Freya - it was hard and we only had one log to stand on

Grace - We had to hold ropes to cross the bridge we couldn’t let go!



Anna - abseiling was AWESOME!! It felt like you were flying!

Isabelle - it was her high and scary but I succeeded!



Alfie B and Josh - it was great - you felt really high and everyone encouraged each other!



Ruby H - it was fun we had to find loads of things in the woods

Emily B - it was difficult but I didn’t give up and we found loads of things!


Den building

Charlie - we had to create a shelter with logs and ropes. It was quite hard!


Go Karts

Isabella - We raced around and I tied with Miss Clark! It was really fun!

Taylor - we had time trials and raced around!

Connor - really fun because we raced Miss Clarke!


Fire lighting

Stanley - it’s so hard to keep a fire going!!

Sienna - I can use a flint - it was really tricky now but now I can do it!


Day Two Blog



Good morning! Last night, our night hike took us all over the Belchamps site but also further, all the way to Hockley woods. We definitely needed the torches - it was really dark! When we got back, we were all treated to delicious hot chocolate before showers and bed.


Everyone slept really well and didn’t wake up too early (although a few did!) so despite a few tired faces, we are all ready for the day.


Breakfast was at 8; we had waffles, yoghurts, cereal and fruit and then went off to our first activity. We’re doing four today!

Day Three blog


Friday was the last day of our Belchamps experience, and what an experience it's been! Another jam-packed day before going home for a nice hot bath resulted in many accomplishments by the children:


High ropes:

Oliver s: it was hard and easy at the same time, just don't look down!!


Rock climbing:

Jessie: I thought I would never reach the top, but I persevered and completed it!


Shelter building:

Taylor: it was fun! We got water poured over our shelter whilst we were hidden inside to test out how good it was; ours was the best because we stayed dry!


Assault course:

Matilda: It was really muddy and pitch black, I loved it!



Louis: it was really good, it's something which you don't get to do everyday!


A truly fantastic time by our Hadleigh Junior community - here's to more memories and achievements being made in Year 5!