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Year 4 girls visit WHSG

Thank you to Westcliff High School for Girls for hosting our Year 4 girls. The children had a really enjoyable morning - they were each buddied up with a Year 7 partner and were given a tour of the school to their areas of interest. Then they participated in a PE session on the field- a great experience for all.  

Year 4 Prop Making

Thank you to the family members who joined Year 4 for a prop making session on Friday. This proved a fun way to prepare for the upcoming Year 4 production.

Year 4 Roman Workshop


On Tuesday, Year 4 were visited by, Lucius, a Roman Soldier. He taught us how to march, chant and battle Barbarians like real life Roman soldiers would have done. We learnt how to speak some Latin, saw genuine Roman soldier's weapons and armour and even re-enacted a gladiator battle in The Colosseum. 


We had a brilliant morning with our Roman visitor. It was great fun and we learned lots about life in the Roman Army.



Class 5 had great fun learning about the human digestive system!

Year 4's Roman Day


Year 4 had a great time being Romans today. 

Year 4’s Christmas Production

A huge congratulations to Year 4 for a wonderful production of Tinsel and Tea Towels. The children performed with such confidence and joyfulness– well done, we are very proud of you.

Thank you to the Year 4 Team for working with the children on this over the past few weeks.

Year 4 prop making

Thank you to all the parents/carers who were able to attend Year 4’s Christmas production prop making session on Thursday afternoon. You will see the props in action during the Christmas show.

Class 5’s Assembly

On Tuesday Class 5 put on a wonderful assembly sharing what they have learnt about ancient Greece. The standard of acting and singing was excellent. Class 5 even managed to present some gymnastics and scientific learning as well. Well done Class 5 and thank you to Miss Martin and Mrs Freemantle for supporting the children so well.

British Legion Veteran's Visit Year 4


Brian Stanbridge,  Chairman of Hadleigh and Thundersley British Legion and Steve Cowland, also from the Hadleigh and Thundersley British Legion visited our Year 4s on Wednesday 10th October. They were talked to the children about Remembrance Sunday and why we buy charity poppies and how the money is used.  They also talked to the children about WW2 and the background of it and how the war is linked to Remembrance Sunday.  Thank you to Mr Smart and Vicki from Contour for organising this experience for our children.

Year 4's brilliant trip to the RAF Museum. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers.
Year 4 Garden

Year 4 and Class 5 in particular have made good progress recently with their garden plots in our Quad. All classes now have their own bedding in which to grow plants to support their learning across the curriculum including science, health and wellbeing and maths. Further developments to The Quad have been arranged for after half term.

Read All About it!

On Tuesday I walked past the Hall only to discover the whole of Year 4 taking part in a press conference, interviewing characters from Percy Jackson for their newspaper articles. This was a great experience for the children. They have been so enthused with their journalistic writing. Thank you to the Year 4 team for planning and providing such a rich learning opportunity.



Year 4: World War 2 code deciphering 2016-2017

It was great to see all the children have some element of learning outside of their classrooms. The atmosphere around school was one of enthusiasm, fun and exciting challenge. Children experienced an exciting and challenging first day back at school.

Year 4 Lego Stories 2015 - 2016


When I popped into Class 4 on Wednesday afternoon I was incredibly impressed with the children’s enthusiasm towards their latest project: Lego Stories. The children have been working in groups to create 3D story plans using Lego. I cannot wait to read the writing that is the result of this experience!


Class 7– PSHE (Friday 24th June 2016)

It was great to see Class 7 making use of our log circle seating area in The Quad to conduct an in-depth class discussion in the warm weather. These sessions help the children to build more effective communication skills, empathy and understanding. 

Year 4’s Visit to Hadleigh Castle  June 2016

On Monday 27th June the whole of Year 4 visited Hadleigh Castle as inspiration for their writing this week. It was great that the weather did not deter them from making the most of the rich environment around our school. I have no doubt that the quality of their children’s writing will be enhanced by this experience. As we continue to develop and enrich our curriculum our local area will be used more and more as stimulus for learning based on experience. Thank you to the Year 4 Team for organising this visit. 


Class 6’s Assembly 2016

On Thursday parents/carers and the whole of Lower School were treated to Class 6’s news report themed assembly. It was clear that the children had been inspired to produce some fantastic writing as they demonstrated how they built their news reports; based on the mysterious coat that recently appeared in the quad.  They even showed us how to conduct a press conference to gather information! The children displayed great confidence in presenting their learning. Thank you to Mr Brierley for assisting the children in preparing for this assembly. Miss Parkinson


A group of Year 4’s impressed me so much with their work on poly-rhythms that I felt it was worth sharing with you all. Mrs Hutton’s music lessons link to the children’s current topic , so I was treated to a Harry Potter performance. Well done year 4 and thank you Mrs Hutton