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School Parliament at Hadleigh Junior School


At Hadleigh we have are proud to have pupil representatives that take part in Class and School Parliament meetings. This parliament is in place so that pupils have a voice and are involved in decisions about the school that affect them. Through class discussions all pupils have the opportunity to raise issues, share ideas and take part in discussions that involve all of their classmates in reaching a democratic solution. Wider issues that arise within class discussions are then discussed further at School Council, this ensures that as many pupil voices as possible are heard. Pupils at Hadleigh know that this is their school and their thoughts and ideas matter.

School Parliament 2021-2022


This year the School Parliament members who have been voted by their classes are: 


Harrison and Holly 


Emma and JJ 


Victoria and Ted 


Poppy and Molly 


Henry and Dulcie 


Fletcher and Isla 


Emily and Jack  


Emma and Dylan 


Charlie and Daisy 


Taylor and Alexia 


Persephonie and Bethany 


Skye and Savannah 


We have had fortnightly meetings this half term. We have introduced ourselves to each other, said why we wanted to become a member and things we would like to achieve this year. We have launched Ava’s Act of Kindness and will be passing on the completed teddy pictures to Morrisons during half term. We have also put together a schedule of fundraising events for over the year and charities which we would like to support.  


After half term, we will be preparing for our stall at the PA Fireworks event. Year 5 and 6 members will be running for the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary and will be voted for by the rest of the School Parliament members. They will then be responsible for running and taking the minutes at our meetings plus deciding on the agenda for future meetings with the continued support of Mrs Taker and Miss Emery.  


If you have any ideas or suggestions to help improve our school, please put your idea in the box on the School parliament display board or see your class parliament rep who will bring your suggestions to the next Parliament meeting.  

Meet our new Head and Deputy!


Charlotte received the most votes and will be replacing Mr Moore for a day in July. Her policies, which include coming to school in comfy clothes and having a picnic lunch on the field, will be put into place. Eden M was the runner up and will be our Deputy Head, helping Charlotte to put her plans in place.



Mock Election Week 2021


This week, Year 6 have been campaigning for the role of Headteacher for the day. They carefully considered what they would like to do if they were in charge of the school and wrote manifestos about why they should be chosen. Each class chose their top two candidates and this week Eden M, Eden B, Amy, Matt, Charlotte and Ethan have been busy campaigning for votes. They have displayed posters around the school explaining their policies and spoke to the whole school in assembly to convince everyone as to why they should be elected.  On Thursday, the whole school placed their votes in the ballot box, with the winner due to be announced during the Celebration Assembly on Friday. Good luck to all the candidates.

Thank you to Mrs Taker and the Year 5 School Parliament for organising this democratic event. 

Year 6 UK Parliament Workshop

On Wednesday Year 6 took part in a remote workshop run by the UK Parliament. The children learnt about the UK’s democratic processes. Please ask your child what they discovered.


Thank you to Mrs Taker for organising this experience.


Council Offices visit Autumn 2019

On Thursday 14th November 2019 the School Parliament were given the special honour of a tour of the Council Offices by Mayor Riley himself. We got to sit in the Council chamber and use their special microphones to ask him questions about his duties and his interests. He told us that his chain is very heavy and uncomfortable! We saw the Mayor’s Parlour and the council Bunker which was used during WW2 and is still set up ready to use in case of a disaster. We had a brilliant morning and have picked up lots of tips from the Mayor and his Deputy which will help us in our Parliament role at school this year.

Shadow Head and Deputy Day Summer 2019

On Wednesday Millie and Emy enjoyed the day fulfilling their roles as Shadow Head and Deputy. They completed administration tasks, conducted a learning walk around classrooms, selected winners of their article competition and held a meeting to discuss the final arrangements for the non-uniform day they have organised for the charity Smile Train. Not bad for a day’s work!

After a very successful Bedtime Story week and PJ Day on the last week and day of term, we have organised and placed all of the donated books into our school library. The Schools Parliament counted the books and we collected over 500 for our school! I would like to, once more, say a huge thank you to every parent and child who supported this week in school and donated a book to the library. It has been great to not only see, our new library develop but also to see the excitement of the children!


Minutes from 2019-20 meetings



  • Everyone introduced themselves and why they wanted to represent their class.
  • Spoke about what we would like to spend raised money on in school – door names to show the new castle names rather than door numbers. More lunch time equipment such as skipping ropes, hoops and balls.
  • Talked about charities we would like to support. Children to ask their classes for further suggestions.
  • Talked about fundraising events. Children to ask their classes for further suggestions.



  • Discussed possible fundraising ideas. Children to ask their classes for further suggestions.
  • All year groups are very eager to raise money for Little Havens this year. Children to ask their classes for further suggestions for local charities to support.
  • Spoke about first fundraiser being selling sweets at Fireworks Night and that we would need helpers to make up the bags of sweets and would also need volunteers to man the stall on the night.



  • All members present shared fundraising ideas including ideas for fundraising days.
  • All members present shared ideas for local charities to support including HARP and Acres Way Boarding and Rehoming Centre.
  • Future meetings: agree on a fundraising timetable and charities to support.



  • All members present to prepare bags of sweets to sell at the Fireworks Night. Members also designed posters to advertise contents and prices.
  • Talked about upcoming visit to meet Mayor Riley and his team at the Council Offices. Members to ask classes and families for suggestions of questions they could ask the mayor about his role and duties.



Preparation for our visit to the Council Offices the following day.



  • Talked about our trip to the Council Office and meeting Mayor Riley and his colleagues. Shared highlights: sitting in the Council Chamber, asking questions using the microphones, exploring the bunker and being able to sit on the Mayor’s chair.
  • Wrote a thank you letter to Mayor Riley.



  • Some members of the Lower School raised concerns about their lunch time experience and wanted the School Parliament to help make playtimes more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Spoke about Restorative Justice and whether School Parliament members also become RJ ambassadors.
  • We decided to write a questionnaire for every pupil to complete asking them what they like to do at lunch/break time and if there is anything that they would like to have to improve their break/lunch time.


  • Mrs Taker to type up questionnaire and send to all class teachers for their class to complete.
  • At the beginning of the Spring term we will analyse the responses and create further actions.
  • Year 6 members to ask their classes for volunteers to run indoor clubs at lunch time.



All members present to bag sweets to sell at the Christmas Fayre.



We set a Spring term agenda where we will be responding to the Playground questionnaires, will be giving members roles within the school and raising money for local charities.