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Staff Handbook

Welcome to Hadleigh Junior School
This Staff Handbook is for the use of all staff but particularly for those new to school and is part of the school’s induction pack. It provides a guide to the common practices and procedures at Hadleigh Junior School as well as its working principles and long term vision.
It is intended to support all school policies, copies of which are available from the Headteacher.
Please ensure that you read this handbook carefully and ask if you do not understand something. You must also read the additional booklet “Code of Conduct” which is also part of the induction pack. It is assumed that you will have read this by the end of your first week at Hadleigh Junior School.
The Headteacher is Glenn Moore. The Deputy Headteacher is Lorna Hebden. The school office staff will be pleased to provide you with guidance if the Headteacher is not available.
Health and Safety is of utmost importance. You must ensure that by the end of your first day you know where the emergency exits are and are aware of the emergency procedures. You must also find out where the nearest First Aid equipment is stored.
All staff must wear their identification badge and visitors to school must sign in and wear a visitor’s badge. Do not open external doors to let people in; all visitors must report to the school office.
If you have an accident at school, or witness an accident, you must report it immediately.
The designated Child Protection person is the Headteacher (or the Deputy Head or Learning Mentor in the absence of the Headteacher). If there are any concerns over the welfare or safety of a child, a pink form should be completed and given to the Headteacher (or appropriate person in their absence) to document the concern. They will discuss the issue with you and take appropriate action. Confidential files for every child are kept locked in the Learning Mentor’s office. You should speak to the Head/Deputy Head/Learning Mentor if you need access to this information.