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Staff Code of Conduct

Statement of intent


Hadleigh Junior School expects all of its pupils to receive the highest possible quality of teaching and learning within a positive and respectful environment.


Employees at the academy should understand that their own behaviour, and the manner in which they conduct themselves with their colleagues, pupils, parents/carers and other stakeholders, sets an example.


Hadleigh Junior School recognises that the majority of staff members act appropriately and treat each other with dignity and respect; however, we consider it important to clarify the expected standards.


This document forms part of a staff member’s contract of employment and failure to comply with it, and with the associated academy policies, may result in disciplinary action being taken, including legal action where this is warranted.


This document applies to all staff members who are:


  • Employed by the academy, including the headteacher.
  • Employed in units or bases that are attached to the academy.

This document does not apply to:


  • Peripatetic staff members who are centrally employed by the LA.
  • Academy catering staff employed by Hadleigh Junior School.
  • Employees of external contractors.

These employees are governed by their employment contracts and any relevant laws pertaining to their activities within the academy, for example, the Data Protection Act 1998.