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Special School Assemblies

School Meets Len Hobbs, D-Day Veteran


On Remembrance Day we were highly honoured to meet Len Hobbs, a D-Day veteran and local historian, Raymond Newlyn.

Len spoke to the whole school, across two assemblies, about his incredible experiences in  the Navy during the Second World War.

Raymond brought in artefacts form World War Two and even allowed some of our children to try the items on!

A huge thank you to Raymond for once again arranging for our children and staff to meet an inspirational veteran.

At 11am the school assembled on the playground to listen to The Last Post, played by Mr Brierley and to hold a minute silence.

World Book Week 2020

We’ve had a great week of studying literature written by female authors as part of our link with International Women’s Day. The below pictures will appear in the Evening Echo on Wednesday 11th March. 

Thank you to Miss Mascall for organising this special week. 

Class 15's Assembly 

Thank you to class 15 who gave us a great assembly on Tuesday. They showcased a variety of work from their history topic on World War II ranging from PE to DT to English. They clearly have a good understanding of many aspects of the war and its impact including a study on post war architecture when many houses and buildings needed to be replaced quickly and cheaply. Sam's re-enactment of Neville Chamberlain announcing war to the country was superb. Well done Class 15!

Class 10's Assembly


Congratulations to Class 10 for a wonderful assembly jam packed with historical facts– I think we all learned something new. The children also displayed excellent singing and acting skills– well done. Thank you to Miss Martin, Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Freemantle for helping the children to put on such a great assembly.

Class 4's Assembly

This week Class 4 impressed with a self written and produced assembly showcasing their learning through the medium of Location, Location, Location. Well done Class 4 and thank you to Mr Brierley and Miss Sniczek for supporting the children through this creative process.


Class 7's Assembly

Well done to Class 7 on a fabulous space themed assembly. The knowledge and understating the children have developed is very impressive. The children shared facts, high level writing, excellent art and performed two songs with great enthusiasm– well done.

Thank you to Mrs Thompson and all the adults involved with Class 7 for supporting the children to present their learning so well.

Forgiveness Assembly

Thank you to Richard from Thundersley Congregational Church for his excellent assembly on the topic of saying sorry and forgiveness.


The key message was that we feel much better inside when we apologise for our mistakes and when we forgive those who upset us.

Thank you to Mr Newlyn, who brought two Second Wold War veterans to out school this week: Alfred Smith, who was evacuated from Dunkirk and served on Gold Beach on D-Day and Don Shepard, who served on Juno Beach on D-Day.

Alfred and Don shared some of their experiences with the whole school. This was an incredibly inspirational experience for all of us.

Class 6’s WW2 Assembly

A huge congratulations to Class 6 for putting on such a wonderful WW2 themed Class Assembly. The children really gave the audience a sense of this period in history through songs, excellent writing and drama.  Thank you to Mr Smart for preparing the children so well for this assembly.


Fire Safety Assembly

Thank you to Steve from Essex Fire Service for once again talking to our children about how to stay safe during Halloween and at firework events.

Class 5’s Assembly


On Tuesday Class 5 treated us to a brilliant assembly, which included a dramatised representation of the human digestive system and several Greek myths, wonderfully acted out. It was clear that the children have really engaged with their topics. Well done Class 5 you should feel very proud. Thank you to Miss Martin and Miss Shulton for supporting the children to put on such a great assembly. 1

Class 1’s Assembly


On Tuesday Class 1 treated us to an Egyptology themed assembly, showcasing their historical knowledge, excellent writing and artwork. The assembly ended with a very catchy song. Well done to all the children and thank you to the adults who helped put the assembly together. 

Class 12’s Assembly

Thank you to Class 12 for a superb space themed assembly. Excellent staging took the audience out into the solar system. We encountered raps, facts and humorous bad jokes. The children have clearly enjoyed the variety of challenges over this school year and showed huge confidence on stage. Well done everyone involved with Class 12.


Class 2’s Assembly

Well done Class 2– we all had a ‘roaring’ good time during your assembly. It was a great demonstration of your learning and experiences throughout your Amazing Animals topic. If you approach your Egyptian work in the same way you will certainly achieve high standards. Thank you to all the children and adults, who worked so hard to plan and produce the assembly.

Belfairs Woodland Centre Assembly

Thank you to Becks, who came from Belfairs Woodland Centre to talk to the whole school on Monday bout the different wildlife, habitats and activities (weekends and school holidays) on offer at our local centres. For more information visit:


BMW Mascot Prize Presentation

On Monday 16th January Peter Dodson from Fairfield BMW attended our assembly to present Hamza with his mascot prize for designing a BMW of the future. Hamza will be the mascot for this weekend’s game: Southend United v Bolton Wanderers. Hamza has shown us that if your take a risk and persevere, then you can achieve your goals.

Salvation Army Band

On Tuesday 22nd November we had the huge pleasure of welcoming Hadleigh Salvation Army Band to our school. The group is mostly made up of retired professionals, who meet once a week to practice. It was a wonderful experience for the children and staff. We had the chance to listen to several tunes and some even embraced the challenge of playing an instrument as well– even me!

The highlight was perhaps Mr Brierley taking to the stage and performing alongside the band. Mr Brierley is a skilled musician, but this was the first time that many of the children had seen him in this light.

If your child is interested in learning to play an instrument private lessons are held at our school– please contact the School Office, the Salvation Army offer free lessons and there is a music school that is based at Appleton school each Saturday.

A huge thank you to Steve and Kizzy, from Stanford Warriors, for leading a whole school assembly on staying safe. The messages were clear and simple: say ‘NO’ to bullies and bullying, if you can run away from any unsafe situation and importantly, report any concerns or worries to a family member or school adult.


For further information regarding anti-bullying please visit the school website:



Stanford Warriors run a local Ju Jitsu Club for children and adults.

Well done to Finley, Alfie, Joe, Matilda, Brindley, Liberty, William, Ethan, Bailey, Cavan and Olivia for their martial arts demonstration. Further details will be circulated in the near future. 

Class 14’s Assembly

Well done to Class 14 for their excellent assembly on Thursday.  Incredibly  the children wrote and produced it all themselves. The class demonstrated their learning so far this term, including the Hadleigh project that they have all be so enthusiastic about. 

  • School days in WWII
     As well as ordinary lessons children learned air raid drills, leaving classrooms when the sirens sounded to go to air raid shelters.

    To raise money for the 'war effort', schools started 'Spitfire Funds' and National Savings Groups. More than 6,000 school savings groups started in 1940. Children saved money each week. Many schools gave children free milk, and there were school dinners too, for a small charge.

    Some things stayed the same - exams! 

RNLI Assembly


On Monday 17th October we welcomed two members of the RNLI to our whole school assembly. The shared information about the RNLI and how to keep safe new water. We have invited them back towards the summer. If you would like further information please use this link:

Harvest Festival

On Monday we celebrated Harvest Festival and welcomed Prakesh from HARP, who was here to speak to the children and collect our donations. Thank you so much to everyone who was able to donate food for this very good cause. This will help to provide warm food for the homeless during the cold winter months.

Class 1 Assembly

On Thursday Class 1 took on the challenge of being the first class assembly of the year. The children did a brilliant job of sharing their learning through their Amazing Animals topic. We were treated to humorous poetry, excellent instructions and wonderful singing. Well done Class 1.

Fireworks Safety


On Monday we welcomed Stuart Huxter from Essex Fire Service to our school. Stuart delivered firework safety advice and information to the whole school.

Firework Top Ten Safety Code

Young people should watch and enjoy fireworks at a safe distance and follow the safety rules for using sparklers. Only adults should deal with firework displays and the lighting of fireworks. They should also take care of the safe disposal of fireworks once they have been used.

1.  Plan your firework display to make it safe and enjoyable.

2. Keep fireworks in a closed box and use them one at a time.

3. Read and follow the instructions on each firework using a torch if necessary.

4. Light the firework at arm's length with a taper and stand well back.

5. Keep naked flames, including cigarettes, away from fireworks.

6. Never return to a firework once it has been lit.

7. Don't put fireworks in pockets and never throw them.

8. Direct any rocket fireworks well away from spectators.

9. Never use paraffin or petrol on a bonfire.

10.    Make sure that the fire is out and surroundings are made safe before leaving.

Class 10’s Assembly


On Thursday 30th June Class 10 put on a superb assembly. The children wowed us with their musical abilities; excellent writing; beautiful artwork; acting prowess and their knowledge of e-safety. It was very evident that the children have greatly enjoyed their learning in Year 5– well done Class 10 and thank you Mrs Thompson for your work with the class and in preparing for the assembly.

Class 4’s Assembly

On Thursday 26th May we were treated to Class 4’s superb assembly. Highlights included audience participation magic, a fantastic song and excellent writing. The children demonstrated confidence in performing and sharing their learning. It was that they have loved their Harry Potter topic. Well done to the children and thank you to Mrs Parkinson and Mrs Button for providing such rich learning opportunities and for preparing the children for this assembly. 

Class 4 Assembly


Hadleigh Baptist Church Assembly


Yesterday we welcomed Stuart from Hadleigh Baptist Church to our Upper School Assembly. The theme was the parable of the good shepherd. The children had the opportunity to reflect on what makes us all special as individuals. Well done to our volunteers who were challenged to make paper aeroplanes and see which flew the furthest. 

Class 7’s Assembly

On Thursday parents/carers and the whole of Lower School were treated to Class 7’s Spanish themed assembly. It was clear that the children had fully immersed themselves in their Spanish studies, learning some of the language, songs, a dance, the food and the regions to name a few examples. The children show great confidence in presenting their learning. Thank you to Mrs Hughes for assisting the children in preparing for this assembly

Class 1’s Assembly

It was a real treat to watch and enjoy Class 1’s assembly. The children proudly shared their learning from a range of areas including: countries, art, animals and even aliens. It is clear that they have enjoyed their learning. The assembly ended with a beautiful performance of ‘Can you feel the love tonight.’ Well done Class 1 and thank you to Mrs Murray and Mrs Hutton



Class 3 Assembly

Class 3 Assembly

On Thursday, Class 3 did a fantastic job in their class assembly with a mix of drama, songs and humour. They demonstrated what   brilliant learning they have been doing and what great progress they have made. All the children spoke clearly and learned all their lines by heart. It was thoroughly enjoyed by parents and the children in Miss Selley’s class should be very proud of themselves. Well done!


Class 15's New Zealand Assembly

Parents and carers will be very proud of the superb assembly produced by Class 15 this week. It was very evident that their New Zealand topic had captured the imagination of every pupil. I particularly enjoyed the interesting facts, persuasive writing and the group Hakkas. Well done to Class 15 and thank you to the adults who helped to prepare the children for this experience.

Year 5- Class 13's Assembly- 'Out of This World'

Class 12's 'Out of this world'

This week it was the turn of Class 12 to showcase their learning to parents and carers. Their hard work in writing and preparing for the assembly was impressive. I enjoyed seeing how the children had applied their topic learning to other areas of the curriculum. Well done Class 12.

Bike It Assembly by Simon Broad from Sustrans

This afternoon we welcomed Simon Broad from the Bike-It team based at Hadleigh Park. He held a special assembly discussing healthy transportation to school. Simon will be returning on Friday 12th February to run a ‘Dr Bike’ session in the Quad. Children will be invited to bring their bikes to school on this day, so that their safety features can be checked and minor repairs carried out.

Later in the school year Simon will also be running a Bike-It club at lunchtimes. More details to follow on both of these events.