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School Lettings

Hadleigh Junior School Lettings 

Updated June 2019


The Governing Body recognises the position of the school in the local community and that encouragement should be given to the use of the school premises by outside organisations.


The Governing Body wishes to take every possible care to ensure that all children/young people and others using the school premises out of school hours are safe from abuse and that they are treated with dignity and respect.


The letting of the school is the responsibility of the Governors and the administration of the letting is the responsibility of the School Office.

Where the income from a letting is paid into the Governors funds, then arrangements must be made for reimbursement to the school of costs involved e.g. site manager’s salary, heating and lighting etc.


Application Form

All hirers will complete the appropriate lettings application form. Day to day approval of requests for hire will be the responsibility of the Headteacher after -


i)          confirming the scales of charges.

ii)         ascertaining the application form has been properly signed by the hirer.

iii)        confirming whether or not the hirer is affiliated to any national association that has its own child protection policy.

iv)        that the hirer has a child protection policy if not affiliated to a national association,

v)         that a copy of the school’s own child protection policy and guidelines has been passed to the hirer and that they have signed to confirm receipt.       

vi)        whether or not it is necessary to seek references for the hirer.


Abatement of charges can only be made by the Headteacher, subject to Finance committee approval.




Payment will be required in advance for all one-off lettings and where the hirer is not known to the school. In other instances it may be appropriate to require a deposit. All such deposits will be banked immediately. Where a refund of the deposit is subsequently required, then a cheque should be issued.



Every effort should be made to collect lettings income in full when the booking is made.  Invoices on two-part sequentially numbered stationery will be issued to hirers for use of the school premises. The Finance Officer is responsible for issuing invoices.


The Headteacher shall ensure at termly intervals that all invoices are properly accounted for and that all monies due to the school have been collected.


Debt Management


Unless specifically detailed on the invoice, payment terms will be 28 days.

The following timetable shall apply where payment is not received:-


28 days after original invoice issued

first reminder letter

2 weeks after first reminder letter

second reminder letter

2 weeks after second reminder letter

referral to Legal Services Provider


 If, having taken legal advice, it is determined that the debt is not recoverable it will need to be ‘written off’ as set out in Section 3.3 of the Finance Regulations.



Written by: Glenn Moore

Date: June 2018

Review Date: June 2019






Lettings Charges as from September 2018




School field letting rates



Coaching Hire = £29 per session


Hire of 11-a-side football pitch is £29 per game


Hire of mini-soccer pitch is £17.50 per game


Hire of rugby pitch is £17.50 per game



Invoices issued a month in arrears for regular hire. One–off lettings will require full payment in advance of letting.


School Room letting rates


School room + toilet facilities and heating =        £20.00 per hour.


Hire of school hall = £20.00 per hour


Regular Hire of School Hall = £17.50 per hour


Full payment in advance of letting


Regular Hire of School Playground/Field = £17.50 per hour


Invoices issued termly 


School equipment letting


Stage = £23 per block


Full payment in advance of letting