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Virtual sports competition

Dear Parents/Carers,
I hope everyone is keeping safe and well.
CPRSSP, who organise all the sporting competitions, have set up a virtual sports competition for primary schools. There are three activities in the competition and can all be easily completed from home. The activities are:
  • Standing long jump
  • 100m sprint (20 x 5m Shuttle run)
  • Speed bounce. 
All pupils that participate will be given a certificate. The top three entrants' names in each activity, for each year group, will be sent to the CPRSSP as our team entry for Hadleigh Junior school. 
We actively encourage all children to enter, as its a great opportunity to participate in a sports event from home. All you need is a tape measure, stop watch, a rolled up towel and a 5m area to run between. If you have limited space this could be completed outside the house or at the local park.
We will be asking children to send their results into us and strongly recommend they use their growth mindset to practise and improve so that they send in their personal best results.  There is no limit on how many times they practise in advance. Once the children have completed the activities please email the results through to us by Sunday 17th May so we can collate the scores and select our team to enter the competition.
Year 3/4 results to Mrs Hughes
Year 5/6 results to Mrs Key
Please find attached a copy of the activities with all the information you need,
We look forward to seeing your results
Thank you and stay safe.