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School Review– Summary Report

This term I invited two Ofsted inspectors to conduct a review of our school, focusing on safeguarding and curriculum. The review took place on 16th November and was an incredibly positive experience for staff, children and the inspectors. The outcome of the report reflects our dedication and drive to continually improve our school  even during such disruptive and challenging times.

The children, as usual, were a credit to our school– we are so proud of them.


Below I have provided the summary report. The full report will be available on our website by the end of the week: 



The quality of education provided by Hadleigh Junior School is at least good and improving in a wide range of subjects.  The leadership team have a good understanding of the strengths and areas in need of improvement.  The school improvement and development plan is a sharply focused document with clear success criteria. Staff have all ‘signed up’ to providing the best educational experience for the pupils.

Pupils are happy. They are keen to succeed, work well in lessons where behaviour is excellent. In their social time pupils mix well and show respect for one another.

Both advisors agree that this is an improving school. Leaders should be looking at the outstanding Ofsted criteria to see what they need to ‘sharpen up’ in order to improve further.


Caroline Pardy

Senior Education Advisor