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Pupil-Teacher Communication

Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope you and your family are well and continue to stay safe.


We are all missing school very much and hope that you are all managing as best you can during this lockdown period.


Staying in contact is becoming increasingly important, so please encourage your child/children to communicate with their class teacher via the year group email. We want to hear from all our pupils. They can simply say ‘Hi’, ask questions related to school and learning, share their work and/or their growth mind-set challenges.


We would like children to write their communication and kindly ask parents/carers to email this to the appropriate year group email. Teachers will respond to each communication, but please understand that teachers are extremely busy working in school and at home in addition to looking after their own families, so they will only be able to respond to one email per pupil, per week.


Year Group Email Addresses:


Year 3-

Year 4-

Year 5-

Year 6-


Remember to show your child/children the staff videos on the Coronavirus page of our website and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We are currently posting two staff videos each week.


In the meantime, we are working hard to establish a more interactive platform for children to use to communicate with their class teacher and I will share more information on this in due course.


We look forward to hearing from the children.



Yours faithfully,