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Mock election: Headteacher for the day

This week there has been excitement all over the school as six Year 6 pupils: Holly, Alejandro, Scarlett, Frankie, Lola and Aidan have been campaigning for votes. They have written manifestos, pitched their ideas in assembly and placed posters around the school advertising the policies that they would implement if they were Headteacher for the day.

Voting took place on Thursday and the winner gained over half the total amount of votes! Congratulations to Frankie, who will be shadowing Mr Moore for the day next month and will have the opportunity to put her policies into practice. Alejandro was the runner up and will be shadowing Mrs Hebden for the day.

Well done to all the candidates for all the hard work they put into their campaigns. I would also like to say a huge thank you to the Year 5 School Parliament members for their help in making sure that everyone understood how to vote at our polling station.