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Fantastic start to our time at Belchamps!

What a fantastic start to our time at Belchamps!


As soon as we got here, we checked in with Jack, our leader, and before we knew it, had started our first activity.


Oscar stood on top of the high all aboard for about 10 mins waiting for his friends to join him - eventually Faith got to the top as well and they both jumped off together! (It's 30ft high!). Isabella, Ruby and Millie also showed great determination to get to the top. 


Next was a lunch of hot dogs and then we continued on with our next activities. 


Archie caught all the water boatman  in the pond when he went pond dipping. We all saw fish, but didn't catch any!


Taylan won all the wall traversing competitions within his group.


Lois and Joe conquered the abseiling wall. 


Finley B showed great determination to get near the top of the rock climbing wall. 


After a delicious dinner of bolognaise, we played a wide game. All the leaders hid in their camouflage suits and hid in the woods and our challenge was to find them. It was really hard as it was very dark but brilliant fun!


Damian -" I love it at Belchamps, can I stay a month?"


April - "this is the best school trip ever!"


Chloe - "this is the most fun I've ever had!"


Marci - "high all aboard is really fun - being lowered down is the best!"


Amara - "I climbed with Mr Byford and knocked him off!"


Jacob - "be careful fire lighting as the smoke can get in your eyes and sting"


Tilly - "the archery was cool and fun"


Briony - "my favourite activity so far has been abseiling because it's like cheating gravity!"


Hallie - "my favourite so has been climbing"


Macey G - "archery was brilliant because we learnt to shoot an arrow"


We've all done 3 activities so far and are already quite tired - 4 more tomorrow!