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Do you like helping

Do you like helping, shopping, wrapping, organising, decorating, calculating and/or playing games?


Then please support the

Hadleigh Junior School
Parents Association

Tuesday, 20th September – from 8.45am - School library
(Happy for anyone to also join later e.g. if dropping younger children at the Infants)
Everyone is very welcome!

Welcome back to a new school year at Hadleigh Juniors and an especially warm welcome to all the new parents and carers joining us. We hope your children have settled well into their new classes and are enjoying school life.

The PA is an essential part of the success of our school and we wouldn’t be able to put any many events for the children without the support of our members. Inevitably, as children leave the school we lose members, we now desperately need new volunteers!

Come along to our Annual Meeting, it’s not as scary as it sounds! We need volunteers for a variety of tasks and we welcome any help, even if it is just half an hour here and there. The sort of help we need includes:

  • Selling cakes (up to half an hour after school a few times a year.)

  • Marshalls at the Fireworks evening (up to two hours including watching the fireworks for free!)

  • Helping out on stalls/games at the Christmas Bazaar (from half an hour to three hours.)

  • Wrapping and selling presents for Mother’s and Father’s Day (from half an hour to two hours.)

  • Selling drinks at Sports Day (from half an hour to two hours.)

  • Preparation and helping at the Summer Fayre (from half an hour to three hours.)

The children and the local community really enjoy these seasonal events and they have become a huge part of life at Hadleigh Juniors. As well as the enjoyment, these events raise much needed funds for the school which means we can support all the children by buying equipment which benefits them all. For example, this year we will spend funds on new playtime equipment. But without the help of parents and carers, we would be unable to put on the range of events that we currently do.

If you are unable to make the AGM on Tuesday but would like to find out more, we are always contactable on or via the school office.

We really need your help and ideas to make this a successful year for the PA.
Please come along, we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Corinna Pieper and Gemma Taylor
Current Chairperson and Secretary