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Day 3

Day 3


Today we ventured to the west coast of the island as we travelled to Alum Bay. Our first activity was a glass blowing demonstration, where we learnt all about how vases are made (and enjoyed the warmth of the furnaces- the wind has been very chilly today!) After that, we had a chance to explore the shops and buy souvenirs and those all important gifts for family members. Unfortunately, our boat trip was cancelled due to the windy weather conditions, but instead we walked down to the beach and saw the coloured sand and even managed to spot the Needles too. Emily discovered she had super human strength when she accidentally smashed a rock to pieces on the beach!


After a pit stop for lunch, we headed back to the coach and on to our fossil hunt. We first listened to a talk where we learnt about the types of fossils we might find on the beach and how we would recognise them. We even found out that one girl had previously discovered a new species of dinosaur on the same beach! Sascha also got a shock when she was told she was holding fossilised dinosaur poo! Armed with our new expert knowledge of fossils, we began our hunt on the beach. Sadly, no new species were discovered, but Lacey did manage to find some fossilised dinosaur bone!


Once we returned to the hotel, we enjoyed a delicious roast dinner, before playing in the park and watching a performance about the history of the Isle of Wight at the hotel. We are all excited for our activity day tomorrow!


Quote of the day;


Josh L at dinner time- 'these potatoes taste like chips!'