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Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Christmas Shoebox Appeal

On Monday Bruce and Diane from Operation Christmas Child visited our whole school assembly to ask the school to once again support the Christmas shoebox appeal. We are kindly asking that each child do-nates one item towards the appeal so that less fortunate children around the world can receive a gift, bringing some joy into their challenging lives. Our year group suggestions are:

Years 3 - School Supplies - e.g. a pack of pens or pencils from a supermarket, rubbers, note pads etc. These can be bought in multi packs and split up for our boxes

Years 4 and 5 - Toiletries – e.g. multi pack of supermarket soap, toothpaste and / or brushes, flannels.

Year 6 Toys - e.g. skipping ropes, cars, a doll etc.

We will also need empty shoeboxes and Christmas wrapping paper. You can also donate any items you have that are in very good condition and no longer used.

The deadline for donations is Monday 13th November.

After the assembly I felt incredibly proud of our school when

Bruce and Diane described how wonderfully behaved our children are.

Well done Hadleigh Junior School..