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Dear Parents/Carers,


This email is for those of you that have signed your child up for the Bikeability sessions, which were due to start today. As a result of the weather and school closure new dates have been put in place and are as follows. All sessions will be 09.30-11.30. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Group 1:

Monday 5th March level 1

Tuesday 6th March level 2

Wednesday 7th March level 2

Thursday 8th March level 2


Group 2:

Friday 9th March level 1

Monday 12th March level 2

Tuesday 13th March level 2

Wednesday 14th March level 2


Group 3

Thursday 15th March level 1

Friday 16th March level 2

Monday 26th March level 2

Tuesday 27th March level 2


If there are any questions, please contact your child’s school teacher.


Thank you for your continued support


Year 5