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Monitoring Evaluation & Review

At Hadleigh Junior School we plan teaching and learning with a view to enabling each pupil to seek the highest level of personal achievement. To ensure that this happens, we regularly monitor the actions we have taken, so that we are in a position to make a judgement about how effective these actions have been. This gives us information on which we can base future decisions about the development of our school.

Monitoring is the means by which we gather information. We do this systematically across a range of activities within our school. A monitoring plan allows us to use school resources efficiently.


Evaluation is the judgement on the effectiveness of actions taken, based on their impact on the quality of pupils’ learning.

Review considers the outcomes of monitoring and evaluation and determines any action necessary for improvement. Monitoring, evaluation and review in our school are part of a planned process and involves a range of different people over the course of a school year.