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Modern Foreign Languages Policy


Aims and objectives



In our school we recognise that learning a modern foreign language is a statutory entitlement for all pupils during their time in Key Stage 2 and we are committed to the principle that learning another language helps foster a curiosity and deeper understanding of other cultures and the world in general. We believe that learning to understand, speak, read and write another language during Key Stage 2 will provide the basis for learning other languages, which in turn will provide important opportunities for future study and work in other countries. In our school we teach French.

Our main objectives in the teaching of French are to promote the development of linguistic competence and confidence in speaking and writing as well as an understanding and awareness of the world and other cultures. To accomplish this, we will help the children to do the following:

  • familiarise themselves with the sounds and written form of French;
  • develop particular language-learning skills;
  • begin to understand a new language and communicate in it;
  • make comparisons between languages;
  • learn about different countries and their people;
  • develop a positive attitude towards the learning of foreign languages in general;
  • use their knowledge of the foreign language with growing confidence, both to understand what they hear and read, and to express themselves in speech and writing;
  • acquire, through all of the above, a sound basis for further study at Key Stage 3 and beyond.