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IOW blog 2019

Thursday 6th June 2019


Day 4- get on the dancefloor!


Today's adventures started at Osborne House, which was Queen Victoria's summer house on the Isle of Wight. The size of her holiday home certainly impressed some of us, with Alfie S actually exclaiming 'Oh my!' as he approached it! The pupils really enjoyed looking around the many rooms and showed an impressive level of knowledge about Queen Victoria and her family. We liked looking at the intricate paintings and spotting hidden details. We also walked down to Swiss Cottage to see the playhouse Prince Albert had built for his children- although most of us agreed it looked bigger than our ACTUAL houses! We then enjoyed lunch in the sunshine before heading off to our next stop- Blackgang Chine! 


The excitement on the coach was palpable as we drove to the theme park. We couldn't have asked for better weather, which was just as well, as most of us got soaked on the water slides (including the majority of the teachers!) We also enjoyed the roller-coaster, the barrel ride, the hall of mirrors and the maze. It was clear everyone had had a fantastic time by the amount of people who fell asleep on the coach! 


Luckily, we didn't stay tired for long. After a delicious dinner of hot dogs or burgers and chips, it was time for the disco!! Starring our very own DJ Davies, we showed off our best dance moves- both pupils and teachers! We then found out who had been awarded the best and worst rooms of the week. Jessie and Matilda N won the prize for best downstairs room and Amira, Ruby S, Paige and Natasha won best upstairs room. On the other hand, Layla, Mae, Sophie and Poppi were 'awarded' worst downstairs room and Jude, Jack, Alfie S and Corey were announced as having the messiest upstairs room. Paul and Sandra, the owners at the Friends Hotel, also complimented the whole group for our good manners and said we were one of the politest school groups we had had all year, which was a fantastic end to the evening. We all went to bed exhausted after such a busy day!


Quotes of the day;


'I wish Osborne House would be put up for sale!' Layla (who may need to start saving!) 


'Queen Victoria must have been really rich!' Josh


'No, Sunday best doesn't mean your best clothes, it's an ice cream they sell at the Harvester!' Sophie W 






Wednesday 5th June 2019

Day 3- lots to see!


There were a lot of excited faces at breakfast this morning- partly due to our activities for the day, but mostly for the sausage sandwiches! Once we had enjoyed them, we headed onto the coach to our first stop: fossil hunting at the beach. We started with a talk to find out about the sort of fossils we could look for. Josh and Stanley impressed us all with their science knowledge. Robin was less impressed as he had to hold fossilised dinosaur poo!! Jude had a luckier escape, as he just held a vertebrae belonging to a diplodocus. Armed with our new fossil knowledge, we headed to the beach, ready to become paleontologists! There were lot of exciting finds, such as fool's gold, sea sponges and crystal rocks. Liam even managed to find a type of fossil that Flick, our guide, had never seen before! 


By this time, we had worked up quite an appetite for lunch! We then went to a glass blowing demonstration at Alum Bay before heading down to the beach for our boat trip. We saw impressive views of The Needles, the lighthouse and the coloured sand on the cliffs. Many of us agreed it was the highlight of the day! We just had time for a spot of souvenir and present shopping (look forward to those back home!) before returning to the hotel for a roast dinner. 


After our dinner, we enjoyed a comedy and magic performance at the hotel, where we learnt more about the history of the island. Taylor got to take part in a human sacrifice (well, sort of!) Jazmin showed off her juggling skills and Joe also ended up performing in the show, which caused a lot of excitement and havoc! 


Quote of the day;


It was slightly concerning on the boat trip when our guide asked the children if they lived by the coast in Essex and they unanimously replied 'no inland!' 

Tuesday 4th June 2019


Day 2 of news! 


After such a busy day yesterday, some of us were rather tired this morning!! But after a tasty breakfast, we were ready to start today's activities. 


Our first stop was at Adventure Activity centre. We took part in four activities, archery, arrow tag, rock climbing and mountain boarding which was similar to skateboarding. Many of us were doing these activities for the first time, so were feeling a bit apprehensive, but we used our growth mindset and persevered! Mia was even heard exclaiming 'Let me try another way!' after one failed rock climbing attempt and with a bit of help and encouragement, she got to the top! In fact, all of us were very supportive of each other throughout the morning and showed excellent teamwork. 


After a spot of lunch, we headed to Carisbrooke Castle. We spent the first part of the visit avoiding the rain, but managed to do so successfully by visiting the museum, where we found out more about the history of this landmark. We even got to try on some helmets and chain-mail! We also saw a donkey demonstration, where we watched Jack the donkey turn the wooden wheel to retrieve the water from the well. We also met his partner in crime Jill at the stables! By this point, the rain had fortunately stopped, so we explored the outside of the castle, including the keep and the garderobe (where we had lots of fun trying to squeeze as many of us there in as possible!)


We then headed back to the hotel, where we had time for a super speedy dinner before our theatre show. Poppi, Layla, Sky, Sophie W and Jude get honourable mentions for being the most enthusiastic participants, although we all got a mention for being the loudest school and the most excited teachers! We ended the evening with an Isle of Wight first, with everyone participating in a mass floss in the aisle of the theatre! 


Quotes of the day;


'Miss Luckett, you look like American skater girl!' Ruby H (Miss Luckett did fall off her mountain board two minutes later!)  


'Mrs Nagle, you should be IN the performance!' Amira (thank you very much Amira, I thought my singing was pretty good too!)


'My ankle started to hurt, but I pushed through to dance!' Sophie H, showing true determination at the theatre performance. 

Monday 3rd June 2019


Day 1 of fun!


After a super speedy journey, we arrived at Robin Hill Country Park just in time for lunch (well, for those of us who hadn't already eaten it on the coach!) We then explored the park further and enjoyed highlights such as the toboggan ride, a 4D cinema, a tree top obstacle course and Splash Attack (Stanley in particular was drenched!) Our favourite ride however, was the Colossus- some of us used our growth mindset and faced our fears and some of us even managed three turns in a row (Mrs Hebden claimed to be one of them, but no one saw any evidence...) 


Once our a jam-packed afternoon was over, we headed to the hotel to settle in and enjoy a delicious dinner. We even managed to squeeze in a visit to the park before bedtime. We are all excited for another busy day tomorrow. 


Quotes of the day;


'I didn't think you were a natural sports woman Mrs Hebden' Alfie B (brave words on Day 1!) 


'I don't usually do this!' Izabel (after braving one of the rides at the country park.)