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Feedback and Marking


What is feedback? Feedback is information given about a task that closes the gap between what is currently understood and what is aimed to be understood. It can be written or verbal and may take various forms.

This policy sets out the consistent approach to feedback that we take at Hadleigh Junior School. It is based on a wide range of research and encompasses the views of our teaching staff (and pupils). The overriding aim is to achieve the right balance between maximum impact on the learning process/pupil progress and manageability. We believe that the best use of teacher time outside the classroom is in the planning and preparation of excellent lessons and rich learning experiences which inspire and enthuse pupils resulting in the best possible progress.

Effective feedback should provide the learner with information on where they are going (goal), how they are doing (current progress towards goal) and what they should do next (to improve progress towards goal or to challenge further). Equally important is the active role of the pupil and the time devoted to both receive the feedback and act upon it.