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Danbury 2021

Danbury Blog Day 2 

We started day 2 with some tired faces at the breakfast table, though that was mostly the teachers! We enjoyed a huge choice of delicious food for breakfast, including cereals and toast, as well as bacon, sausages, hash browns and scrambled eggs! Once we were all full, we headed off to the first of today’s 4 activities. Highlights included Jasmine’s epic (and possibly slightly worrying) fire starting skills, Daisy’s excellent shelter building and Lydia and Kian’s brilliant climbing and determination. Freddie and Thomas also showed bravery and perseverance during the climbing tasks. Phoebe got a special shout out for listening to safety instructions at archery so carefully and for completing the aerial trekking course twice! Dolcie and Jasmine showed great teamwork and problem solving skills. Simone discovered she had a hidden talent for archery, as did Mrs Whipps! 


After a packed day, we enjoyed another delicious dinner. We then all got back together in the dining hall for what turned out to be a tense game of Miss P’s famous bingo as three teams ended up neck and neck waiting for the same number! We then had some hot chocolate and biscuits and competed in some quiz rounds before bedtime. We are all excited to begin our final day of fun tomorrow! 

Danbury Blog- Day 1 



We started our day full of anticipation and excitement as we boarded the coach and waved goodbye to our families. When we got to Danbury, we headed straight for our first activity. We tried a variety of different and exciting things throughout the day, including orienteering, aerial trekking and obstacle courses. Lewis showed brilliant growth mindset on the aerial trekking and Louis completed the course so quickly, Mrs Nagle almost missed him doing it! Adrian even managed to complete it twice! Daisy, Emma and Arthur showed fantastic bravery on the zip wire. Kye and Jacob showed excellent teamwork skills and encouraged others in their group. Stanley and Bethany also showed brilliant teamwork skills on the low ropes. Alice has tried her best and shown resilience during every activity! 

After a tasty dinner, we all worked together in our lodge groups this time. We came up with team names and played some sporty games outside before showers and bed time. We are all eagerly anticipating what today will bring!