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Communication booklet


Good communication between home and school is essential.

Children achieve more when they know that teachers and parents are working together.

Parents can help more if they know what the school is trying to achieve and how they can help



This is how we communicate with parents……

We think this is best for…….

Further advice…..




We encourage parents to talk to school staff in the playground before and after school

Short catch up talks, information about small matters

If you need to speak to a specific teacher  please go to the school office and leave a message with the office staff




We invite parents to “Learning Conference” twice a year

Focussed conversation about the child’s progress in school

Invitations are issued to parents with a choice of two dates. If these dates are not convenient please contact the teacher via the school office for an alternative date




Annual Report

Written comments about attainment and progress and attitude to school

This report is issued at the end of the Summer Term. The Learning Pathways booklet will be included as part of the report.




Weekly parent appointments

Conversations about specific concerns or a general discussion

All teachers are available after school every Friday, appointments can be made via the school office





Home School books

Recording daily reading and homework tasks

The teacher will check this book regularly and will contact parents who do not sign to show they have checked homework




Curriculum information meetings at the beginning of the school year

Sharing with pupils and parents the learning opportunities for the forthcoming year

A paper copy of the information will also be sent home          




Curriculum updates

Telling parents the key skills and knowledge which will be taught during the term

A written copy is sent to parents




Weekly newsletter

Sharing and celebrating school events, a reminder of activities which are taking place in the following week

This newsletter is written for children to share with their parents/carers




Monthly parent letter

The Headteacher to provide information about school policies,  events and activities

Copies of newsletters can be sent via e-mail, apply to to join the mailing list .

A copy is placed on the web site




Letters via “child post”

Communicating important and /or time critical news and asking parents to supply things the children need in class.

Letters with reply slips are sent this way.

This is how we communicate with parents……

We think this is best for…….

Further advice…..




We send parents text messages

Important, time critical news that parents need to know straight away ie times of coach returns on school trips, emergency school closure

Parents should ensure that the school has an up to date mobile phone number.




We have a web site –

Finding out everything you need to know about Hadleigh Junior School – our news, our policies & term dates

Our website is updated regularly




School Prospectus

Organisational details about the school

A copy of the prospectus is on the school website. Paper copies are available from the school office




Governor drop ins 

An informal opportunity to find out about the work of the Governing Body

Governors are always pleased to discuss any aspect of their work with school, they attend most school events and are identifiable by the Governor badges which they wear




School Open Days and evenings

Families have the opportunity to look at the work in all classes

 Please contact us if the dates are not convenient for you to arrange a mutually convenient time to look round the school




Home School agreement

Child, parents and school formally agreeing to work together

A signed copy is attached to the Home School Book




Parents can write to us and we sometimes write to parents

Individual concerns, queries or compliments

We would not use this channel except in exceptional circumstances. Parents are, of course, welcome to write to the Headteacher




E mail

Important information about a child where other channels of communication have proved inadequate

We use e-mail sparingly – it is not a convenient channel for all our parents or for us. We would much rather speak to parents face to face or on the phone. Although we can accept e mails from parents, it is not always possible to reply promptly




Parent survey

Gathering detailed feedback from parents about their views

The results are discussed by teachers and Governors and  actions are fedback  to parents




Complaints procedure

If parents have tried to communicate with the school but feel that their issue has not been resolved.

Copies of the school procedure are available from the school office


 Top Tips for parents – how to keep in touch

  • Talk to your child – ask them what they have learned at school during the day
  • Talk to school staff – a quick conversation in the playground may be most effective or you can make an appointment for any Friday after school
  • Talk to the Learning Mentor – she is on the playground every morning
  • Encourage your child to be an enthusiastic “child post “ messenger
  • Read our notice boards
  • Keep an eye on the website –
  • Come and visit us when you can – at parents meetings as well as concerts and assemblies – you are most welcome.
  • Give us your mobile number as well as other reliable contact numbers
  • Give us your e-mail address –
  • Communicate a problem quickly – how can we help?

Revised May 2015