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CMAT Levels of Delegation


It is not possible to produce a list that will cover each and every aspect of MAT and school activity. The grids below have been drawn up on the following principles:

  • The accountability for all matters within schools and MAT activities sits with the Board of Trustees
  • The Accountability and Responsibility and Authority Matrices
  • The CEO has overall responsibility for all operational matters
  • Headteachers, as the lead professional in each academy, are responsible for the day to day management of their academy
  • The LGB for each school will be the critical friend to the Headteacher and senior leaders in the school and hold them to account as well as support as appropriate
  • The LGB will work within the Vision, Values and Strategy set by the Trust
  • Where a Headteacher or LGB are unsure about who should approve any particular matter, they should refer this to the CEO, COO or the Clerk to the Board
  • A delegation can be varied or removed at any time.
  • The grids will be reviewed at least annually and LGB and Headteacher feedback is welcomed as part of this exercise
  • Compliance – see Board Assurance Framework