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Belchamps Blog 2019

Belchamps Day 1


As soon as the parents left, we dropped our bags in our dorms, made our beds, got into our groups and went straight to our first activity!


Evie (after about an hour) - this is already such a great experience!


Jake - it’s really fun - it was life real life Minecraft! (Caving)


Thomas and Freddie - it was dark and scary. When you enter you have to duck and crawl to find the button to get a prize. (Caving)


Lunch came round quickly and was delicious! Before we knew it, we were off for another two exciting activities in the afternoon.


Sam - I love this place and never want to leave!


James - archery was amazing


Avril - I conquered my fear of heights


Grace - I got to the top of high all aboard


Phoebe - the best experience of my life!


William - I’ll never give up!


After dinner, we put on our layers, grabbed our torches and walked out into the woods. It was very dark but really exciting to be in the trees at such an usual time.


When we returned, we had showers and finally made our way to bed. What a first day!!

Belchamps Day 2


It’s a rainy, gloomy start at Belchamps this morning, but we all slept well with everybody sleeping through - even the teachers! The weather hasn’t stopped us all from being very excited for breakfast of hash browns, toast and cereal and shortly heading off for the first of four activities today, followed by a rousing camp fire tonight.


We’re all looking forward to another exhilarating day!


Imy - geocaching was fun but Mr Smart ruined his shoes


Stevie and Hannah - the caving was so dark and it was tricky to find the cave drawings


Faith - the assault course was very long and very hard!


Ellanor - my shelter was actually waterproof!


Kayden - it was really fun as it was learning a new skill (shelter building)


Lunch came around quickly and we all had plenty of food. We’re all starting to get used to the mealtime routines, particularly the dessert ones. The weather still doesn’t seem to be able to make its mind up but everyone has huge smiles none the less.


Jude - I can’t believe I hit the blue on the target! (archery)


Dominic - the high ropes was great - we made it to the top!


Sophie – (to the instructor) You just need to use your growth mindset!


Leo - the high ropes was really scary!


Abigail - I conquered my fear of heights


We’ve had another delicious dinner, with the added pleasure of birthday cake thanks to Grace and her parents! Lots of children have surprised themselves by trying new things and really liking them. After a little free time which will no doubt include another very important football match (!) we are heading to the camp fire circle for an evening of songs and funny dances before showers and bed.


What a brilliant day!

Belchamps Day 3


The camp fire was fantastic! There was a huge crackling fire and we all sang our hearts out. There were all sorts of funny dances including some excellent ‘bungalowing’ and ‘boogalooing’. Then we had tasty hot chocolates and cupcakes before heading off for (very very much needed!) showers and bed. Some rooms were asleep before lights out!


Packing was an exciting adventure for lots of the children this morning. But we all used our growth mindset and eventually succeeded before heading off to breakfast for sausages, beans and toast.

Despite some weary faces, we’re all very excited for our three last activities. See you soon!