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Visions and Values

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Experiences- participation in practical activities in and around our school

Growth Mind-set- development through hard work and determination

Mastery- expert skill and knowledge

‘Leaning is experience. Everything else is just information.’


Learning begins with a concrete experience to give context and purpose.


We make excellent use of our local community amenities, facilities and groups to bring learning to life, whilst developing a real sense of community spirit.

‘You want to know the difference between a master and a beginner? The master has failed many more times than the beginner has ever tried.’


At HJS we teach children and adults about the brain and its thought processes.


This understanding is used to develop stronger growth mind-set thinking skills and attitudes towards challenges.

Our children will be life-long learners both within and outside of the classroom.


Children strive to achieve mastery by overcoming their difficulties and facing challenges. They are prepared to work hard every day to make this their reality.

‘Mastery is the path of patient dedicated effort without attachment to immediate results.’


We all recognise the need for our children to master the wide curriculum.


Throughout the entire school day adults provide opportunities, challenge, support and encouragement for pupils to master the challenges in front of them in all aspects of school life.


This will lead to the highest standards of academic achievement and behaviour. Ensuring our students’ wellbeing and mind-sets aid them through the next stage of their education and beyond into adulthood in modern society.


In accordance with statutory guidance from the Department of Education, school polices are available on this website. Hard copies are also available on request from the school office