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2018-19 Term Date Consultation Outcome

Term dates Consultation 2nd Issue

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Swimming arrangements for the current Year 3 cohort.

Key Dates for Summer 2018

Year 6 residential visit to Isle of Wight – 4th – 8th June

CMAT Skiing Expedition 2019 19th – 26th January 2019

Marathon Day Friday 20th April

Marathon Day Friday 20th April 1

Attendance Management

Attendance Management 1

Single Parent

Single Parent 1
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Gingerbread 1
Gingerbread 2
Christmas at our local churches


Dear Parents/Carers,

This term we will be supporting the HARP Harvest Appeal 2017. A member of their team spoke to the whole school during assembly on Monday 18th September.

We are asking that families kindly donate food so that Southend’s homeless can benefit from hot meals, emergency packs and food parcels during the challenging winter months ahead.

Club timetable for CPRSSP and Southend United

Club timetable for CPRSSP and Southend United 1

Year Four will be attending swimming lessons at Runnymede Swimming Pool.

Year Four will be attending swimming lessons at Runnymede Swimming Pool.  1

Sports Day 2017

Packed Lunches




Helping Parents to Help their Children
Primary to Secondary Transition
& 11+ Preparations


The transition from Primary to Secondary can be challenging -
Style of lessons
Amount of homework
Level of independence required
Academic rigour
Work habits

Hadleigh Junior School
Spring Term Learning Conferences
Thursday 16th March- 3:30pm-5:30pm Tuesday 21st March- 3:30pm-7:30pm
Dear Parents/Carers,
This term we will be once again holding Learning Conferences. At this meeting your child will discuss with you their English and Maths targets, the steps they are taking to achieve them and how you can help at home. You will also discuss the Learning Pathway book which will form a major part of your child’s end of year report.


Please see information in attached Pdf document


Multi-Academy Trust (MAT)

You may be aware from the press, every stand-alone academy, such as Hadleigh Junior School, is required to look at joining a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT). In the last academic year the Department for Education required us to consider which MAT we felt was the best fit for Hadleigh Junior School.


Preparing for the 11+

Dear Parents/Carers, The Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE) has released the following information for parents/carers of children looking to gain a selective place for September 2017

English Expectations


Please find attached the end of year expectations for English. To be judged as meeting the expected standard for their year group, children need to be able to demonstrate each target across a variety of different types of writing, across the year. E.g a newspaper report, a descriptive story , instructions and an explanation text.


We have also attached the list of common exception words that you child needs to know how to spell by the end of each year.

If you have any questions about these, please see Mr Brierley who will be happy to explain in more detail.



Mr Brierley


Please enter our “PA school cashback code: HADLEIGH” during the order process.


Looking to name all of your belongings?




The Hadleigh Junior and Hadleigh Infants & Nursery School PAs are excited to announce
that we have teamed up with


to offer parents the opportunity to purchase quality labels for your children’s school uniform etc., whilst earning the school commission at the same time!


This money can then be used to continue to help purchase some of the fantastic resources that benefit our children’s learning.


As we all know, lost property is a problem in all schools and we are sure we are all familiar with our child, at some point, coming home from school with a missing item. As parents, we are aware that time is precious, which is why we think these “labels” are such a great idea;


  • You can simply stick labels onto the clothing wash label. They can even be used in shoes! or
  • You can use a personalised stamp on fabric, metal, wood & some plastics.


Naming of clothing is a school requirement and we are hoping that with this opportunity we can start to eliminate some of parents’ frustrations that surround these issues.




How it works with  STIKINS TRONS on

Each order placed quoting the school fundraising number 8742 will provide both schools with 30% commission. If you use the link on our school websites under “Parents > Parents Association” to order your labels online, the number is filled in automatically for you!

See also the accompanying leaflet.



How it works with on

Each order placed quoting the school code HADLEIGH will provide both school with 30% commission. You can also use the link on our school websites under “Parents > Parents Association “to order your stamp online.

See also the accompanying leaflet.





Year 2-3 Transfer Arrangements
In line with previous years, I wish to confirm the admissions process for children currently in Year 2 at your partner infant school and whose parents wish them to transfer to your junior school from September 2017. The process of signing the register for a place with the partner junior school still applies and Ive provided further details below.


Multi-sport Activity Camp


We are organising a multi-sport activity camp for 2 days at the King John School during the October half term break.  The dates for the camp are Monday 24th October and Tuesday 25th October.


The camp offers the children the opportunities to participate in a variety of sports, some of which they may have experience in, while others will be completely new territories.  For children not presently in Secondary school it gives them the opportunity to experience sports which will be offered to them when they reach that stage.  We also found out from parents previously that for those children attending Secondary school in the September for the first time, it eased the child’s anxiety about what to expect and enabled them to look forward to attending their new school.